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Spa services performed by Lili Spa Team.

Hair Removal Treatments

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Tonic Brow Shaping

Prices Starting At: $22+

Define brows with a fresh shape that suits your style.

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Nose or Ear Wax

Prices Starting At: $19+

Quickly remove unwanted hair in those hard to get to areas.

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Neck Wax

Prices Starting At: $25+

Define your neckline with a wax that allows for a clean line for weeks and eliminates shaving and irritation.

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Tonic Back or Chest Wax

Prices Starting At: $59+

Customize and smooth away back or chest hair to either blend or completely remove unwanted hair.

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Leg Wax

Prices Starting At: $77+

Save time with a leg wax to remove dead skin cells and unwanted hair for smooth results.

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Arm Wax

Prices Starting At: $67+

Remove unwanted arm hair for smooth results.

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Prices Starting At: $58+

Remove unwanted hair that lies on and outside the area of a brief line. This wax will remove hair in the upper leg and inner thigh that wouldn't be covered by a brief.

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Prices Starting At: $81+

Remove all unwanted hair that is from the upper leg and inner thigh, sac, and shaft with blending (if needed) to top of pant line between hips.

FACIAL Treatments

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Hydrafacial Facial Treatment

Prices Starting At: $175+

Rejuvenate and glow with a hydrating facial that will cleanse, extract and aid in fine line reduction, blemishes and skin tonal quality in 30 minutes. No discomfort with this treatment and all the perks of our private facial room.

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Mens facial

45 Minute Treatment

Prices Starting At: $78+

Customized to either detox facial hair or hydrate skin irritation from shaving, this facial offers customized treatment masks for complete rejuvenation with relaxing massage.

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Signature Facial

60 Minute Treatment

Prices Starting At: $125+

Experience the purity and wellness from inside out with customized mask blending and skin rebalancing treatments. Incorporating medical grade products alongside lymphatic massage techniques, experience the release of toxins and promotion of blood flow to revitalize and rejuvenate. Scalp, neck and shoulder massage will send you into a deep state of relaxation.

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Purify Facial

75 Minute Treatment

Prices Starting At: $182+

This relaxing acne based treatment uses state of the art photosynthesizing technology to reduce oil glands and bacteria production. Inclusive of gentle cleansers and extractions, oxygen infusion helps eliminate bacteria growth. Calming masks and cool therapy provide relief and hydration. Stress-reducing massage and reflexology encourage complete treatment care.

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Brightening Facial

90 Minute Treatment

Prices Starting At: $215+

Discover radiant, refreshed skin with the treatment of oxygen infusion and brightening serums to enhance the vitality of the skin. Cast away dull, aging skin with a dermablade treatment, heat therapy and cryotherapy to improve the absorption of Vitamin C and Niacinamide treatments. Soak into the warmth of soothing massage while experiencing glowing skin correcting pigmentation with LED light therapy. Leave with a luminous glow as the services ends with a customized,  deepr peel to support cell renewal and collagen production.

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Triple T Facial

90 Minute Treatment

Prices Starting At: $260+

Tone, tighten and transform with a facial resurfacing using dermaplane and a light peel to eliminate superficial hairs and prepare the skin for a complete oxygen and ampoule absorption. Melt away tension with calming massage and reflexology. Using a collagen stem cell infusion, LED light therapy and micro current muscle lift, experience facial tightening and fine line reduction and prevention.

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back facial

Prices Starting At: $108+

A deep back cleanse paired with exfoliation promotes improved skin retuxture and tone. Let us extract any congestion and rejuvenate the health of the skin.

Injection Treatments

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Botox, Fillers and hair loss treatments.

Requires Consultation with our Nurse Practitioner

Experience the many injectable treatments to reduce and prevent the signs of agining.